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3-Jaw Punch Former for Surface Grinders

    Product name:3-Jaw Punch Former for Surface Grinders
    Brand name:SNOT
    Place of Origin:Guanddong province,China
    Packing:In standard exported packing,or according to customers' requirement
    Payment:T/T, Western Union,Paypal


The PFC punch former is easy to use,especially with a three-jaw chuck,The workpiece can be clamped and used quickly,Due to the cumulative tolerance of the three-jaw chuck, there will be differences when clamping workpieces of different sizes.Therefore, the design has horizontal and true circle adjustment functions for users to adjust by themselves.So this machine is more suitable for mass production use.

Equipped with anti-claw accessories for clamping workpieces with larger outer diameters.

Main parameters :

1- Center height: 80-81mm

2- Number of teeth of index plate, accuracy: 4, 15°±10''

3- Through hole diameter: Φ16mm

4- Swivel diameter of main seat: within 0.003mm

5- Repetitive clamping accuracy of three-jaw chuck aperture: 0.015mm

6- 3-claw aperture: Φ16mm

7- Minimum clamping diameter: outer diameter: Φ2mm

                                                          Inner diameter: Φ24mm

8- Maximum clamping diameter: outer diameter: Φ70mm

                                                          Inner diameter: Φ64mm

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